Uploading Attachments:

Note: Attachments must be less than about 102kb in size.
For photographs it is preferable to use files in *.jpg format.

Write your new thread or reply then scroll down to:

"Additional Options"

Click on the "Manage Attachments" Button.

A new window will then pop up. Use the browse button to locate your image on your hard drive.

Select your image. And repeat if you wish to upload multiple images.

Once you have selected all your photos/images, press the "Upload" button. The "Uploading File, Please Wait" message will appear, and depending on how fast your connection is, and the size of the files will determine how quick the files upload to the server.

When your selected files are uploaded, you will see a confirmation of your current attachments/uploads.

Close the window, and under "Additional Options" you will see your attachments.

Submit your post, and the files will be with your message.