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    Default Dawn to Dusk Challenge

    Saturday 18th August

    Well what a day as can be imagined even on the coast it gets cool in winter and leaving at 6 am with the daylight breaking in the east Glen and I set off from the Coffs Hotel.

    Heading down the highway towards our first stop at Wauchoppe we had a good run a bit of fog around Warrell Creek but nothing that slowed us down.
    Cruising along at 110 km/h our fingers quickly got cold even with winter gloves on I really need to hook up my heated grips! At Wauchoppe we fuelled up and headed for Timbertown for our 2nd photo.

    We left Wauchoppe and were following some vintage performance cars including Porches, a RS2000 Escort and others, they pulled off at Long Flat so we had the road to ourselves. Passing through the bottom of the mountain range was a fair bit of smoke haze but then we were into the fun part of the ride

    The Oxley was awesome clean and dry and I was in the zone loving the tight curves and smooth clean tarmac with no traffic holding me up, Gingers Creek came up quickly and I pulled off to wait for Glen and take the next photo.

    2 minutes later Glen arrived and we chatted in the sun while waiting for the shop to open so we could have breakfast. The cars caught up about 10 minutes or so later and by then the shop opened and we had a nice breakfast while enjoying the sun and a hot chocolate.

    Arriving at Walcha I stopped for a quick photo

    I quickly put my wet weather jacket back on it was freezing, the wind causing the wind chilllllll factor to keep it cold, I'm sure it would have been ok without it blowing. A quick stop at Irish Town for a photo

    Uralla was next turning onto the New England Highway for the run through Armidale and Guyra and on to Glen Innes for lunch. Nothing to report just the usual highway revenue raising patrol snooping about. Lunch at Juans was a lamb and sweet potato pie and another hot chocolate to warm us up.

    Just out of Glen Innes is Beardy Waters

    and then on to the Gibralter Ranges for a photo at Raspberry lookout

    where I found no phone! Oh **** was one thought that came to mind as I searched all my pockets twice (took some time with 3 jackets and pants) 60 km back to Beardy Waters and my phone was still sitting on the grass where it had missed my inner jacket pocket and slid though the layers of clothing and had a rest on the grass. Relieved we went back to Glen Innes for fuel and now behind time decided not to stop in Grafton and ran for home. Some kangaroos crossing the road slowed us down a bit being mid afternoon funnily enough they were the only ones we saw apart from road kill. One of them even passed between us which was a feat as Glen was pretty close behind me.

    Back into the Gibralter Ranges and down the mountain again no traffic had a good run around 25 km curves and switchbacks. It puts a big smile on my face doing both the Gib and Ox in one day awesome roads. Down the bottom of the mountain and warm for the first time we ran into more smoke and this time fire engines with lots of red and blue flashing lights. Straight though Jackadgery (we were going to stop for an ice cream) and on to Grafton we stopped for 10 minutes for some water and I just needed a break before tackling the last 90 km stretch.

    As darkness started to fall we threaded our way through South Grafton to more fire engines and smoke but this time with 5 or 6 police cars in attendance just for some variety. Turning onto the Orara Way I slowed for Glen to take the lead as he was better setup for night riding with 3 LED light bars on his KLR650, they were a lot better than my ZRX1200 lights. Apart from one idiot blinding us with high beam we had an uneventful finish to the day we finished an hour behind time and an extra 130 km on the odometers thanks to my dropping my phone. Thanks Glen Hughes for the company we finished with around 870 km for the day in just over 12 hours, Dawn to Dusk Challenge finished.

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    Well done guys. The roads up that way are great for riding. I lived at the foot of the walcha mountains at a little town called yarras many years ago and rode that road to wauchope and walcha many times.

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    I put 'uneventful' in the same basket as 'home safe and sound'.
    Good run Mav.
    I like days when I have no where to go and all day to do get there.



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