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    Default Cam Chain issues

    For a while now I have had a variety of cam chain issues - the first being a howl like a supercharger for the first 100 meters or so. The next has been it rattling like a can of nuts and bolts after a good hard ride and last it sounds like a sewing machine at times. The last I can handle the first two have bugged me so I put my Sherlock Holmes hat on and took a look - first at all the ninja web sites and forums - conclusion is that the standard CCT is sometimes not up to par. This is evident by the amount of after market CCTs that use a solid screw and neither spring or hydraulic.

    So why does the original play up it works okay when you take it out? its all to do with the stretch/wear on the chain, if it stops on a stretch after a run it tightens and the "over tight" chain then howls until the chain tensioner pads are worn into submission. This is followed by a sloppy chain syndrome - the chain often falls well within the wear limits but did we check the wear pads on the tensioners? Also as the spring loaded tensioner extends the spring force lessens.

    Well I fitted a new solid tensioner and YES! I have my sewing machine back again ready to weave its way around WA.

    PS I can't ride just now I broke my pelvis falling over on the back porch LOL.

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    Good to hear you solved your rattling cam chain but not good to hear you have hurt yourself. Manual or solid adjusters are the way to go.



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