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    Default 3 day weekend ride and met another ZRX enthusiast

    Hi guys and gals,

    a few months ago a group I ride with organised a weekend ride with the meeting point Nindigully Pub in Southern Queensland. The pub was established 1864 so it's been around a while.
    I also wanted to do a ASMC Hard Ass ride, I'd already done the 600 km ride so next was 800 km. I also met a fellow ZRX rider on facebook who lives along the way and met her in real life when she was in my town for business and so I decided to call in and visit Jenny and Oscar (her ZRX) on the way back. Another bonus presented itself over the course of the weekend but more about that later.

    Day 1

    http://tinyurl.com/kvewu2u 835 km

    I was intending to leave around 6am but part of the challenge involves taking photos and posting on facebook to confirm you did what you say you are going to do. With sunrise being at 6.24 am and therefore it was not light enough I ended up getting away around 6.45.

    Down the boring Highway to Wauchope only interesting thing was some idiot overtaking, pulling in 2 meters in front of me then slowing down. Quick twist of the throttle for a few seconds end of problem. Wanker.

    Photo at Timbertown Wauchope

    Now the fun started, the Oxley Highway one of the best roads in Australia, over 300 corners in approx 45 km

    Photo from a previous visit

    The Ox always puts a smile on my face. Stopped and had morning tea at Gingers Creek

    then on to Uralla for fuel and a photo with Captain Thunderbolt

    Headed for Bundarra where I turned off to Bingara not knowing there was around 10 km of gravel road on the way, oh well I grew up riding gravel and it was in good condition it didn't slow me down I was cruising at 100 km/h only slowing to 80 for corners. Arrived at Bingara and took a photo (required for the hard ass run).

    While I was on facebook I noticed my younger son was at Narrabri (where I grew up and his birth town) on his new bike so I let him know I was close by and kept going. Off to Moree and Mungindi for the final stretch looking straight into the setting sun :doh last fuel up at Mungindi (no fuel at Nindigully)

    The last 20 km was slow twilight is a dangerous time on the road because of wildlife I'd already seen plenty of dead roos, pigs and live roos, sheep, cattle and birds including a couple of very large eagles feasting on road kill. Finally a truck caught up with me so I pulled over and let him pass and grabbed on to his tail. Arrived at Nindigully about 10 minutes (5.30 pm) after dark 835 km for the day, booked in, ordered dinner and got changed after unloading the bike. 4 of the boys had ordered the road train burger the smallest one they do. It would have fed 6 in my opinion

    Fast facts about the Nindigully Pub's big burgers

    · The Road Train weighs 7 kilograms and is considered the Nindigully Pub's "smallest" big burger.

    · The Road Hog weighs a whopping 13 kilograms, contains a whole leg of pork and is made with a 3.5-kilogram bun.

    · The Real Big Mack has a 6-kilogram bun, weighs an eye-watering 24 kilograms and is served on a small door.


    Couple of the boys ham it up with the burger


    What a great ride and night at a country pub. Couple photos around the pub

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    Day 2

    http://tinyurl.com/m6m3mrp 300 km

    ZRX at Nindigully Pub

    All the bikes

    Packed in a bit of a hurry and got about 20 km down the road my jacket zipper exploded I pulled over to see if I could fix it and found no phone realised I'd left it on the bed damn turned around and a spirited ride back to the pub and grabbed the bloody phone. Just as well I fuelled up the night before at Mungindi, back on the road stopped at Mungindi for fuel and some breakie while I was enjoying breakfast a couple of guys joined me and we had a chat. One of them was moving to Narrabri my home town. It really is a small world.

    On the way to Moree I pulled over to watch some cotton harvesting and crop spraying

    Got to Moree and back into phone service checked out facebook and called Jenny at Bingara, she has a ZRX and offered me a bed for the night if Oscar (her bike) and the Hulk (mine) could have a play date. Pulled up at her house and after unpacking and meeting her house mate and pets it was off for a ride into Warialda where we took photos and compaired our bikes. We were astonished to discover not only were they the same build date (11/04) but were 11 bikes apart on the assembly line What were the odds of that? Truly they are brothers.

    Back to Jenny's and she took me for a drive around town and up to the lookout

    Oh yeah while I was at Jenny's I'd messaged my son Rob and asked him if I came through Tamworth (where he currently lives) could we meet up. It's been around 15 or more years since I last saw him due to a family breakup and I was hoping he would agree, he had been a bit reluctant in the past but this time he said yes :thumbs:

    Back to Jenny's she had cooked a lovely roast meal for us and it was delicious, thanks Jenny.

    Day 3

    http://tinyurl.com/lcvjvsh 450 km

    Headed off around 7.45 got into Tamworth 9.30 fuelled up, had some breakfast and called Rob, he turned up and we had a great chat and checked out some of the bike shops including the Kawasaki shop and the Honda shop where he bought his Honda 500

    It was great catching up with him after all the time that had passed, hopefully we can catch up again soon. After lunch it was up to Armidale (Australia's highest city) and back towards home, Dorrigo for fuel and a late lunch also I needed a break I was catching myself losing focus.

    Before the normally fun run down the mountain but this time was spoiled by too much after school / work traffic. Oh well I have done the mountain plenty of times back up the highway and home around 5pm. 1730 km for the 3 day weekend with lots of fond memories and it was fantastic catching up with Rob.

    How was your weekend?

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    Glad you enjoyed the run.

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