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    Quote Originally Posted by adz2332 View Post
    Much appreciated. Its funny reading and reading threads and opinions on abs for and against. I dont think i have read anything that has divided opinion so much. With compelling arguments both for and against. . .
    That and oil, fuel and tyres.
    Not that there are actually arguments against any of these per se.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAXTC1 View Post
    I have never ridden a bike with abs, so to me when buying a bike it is neither here nor there. I recently bought a V Strom 650. During my searching I found a couple with abs in my price. I chose the non abs one as it only had 11,500kms on it. I think if you want abs, then that is what you go for, if not, pick the bike that has the features you want. With regards to power comander, I would walk away, find one that hasn't been modded and flogged.
    cheers! yer i thought that much. im actually picking up the bike tonight. all the mods are slip on exhaust (Musari or something) and rear seat replaced with the bit of kit thingo....
    Just reading threads and what not on 300s etc its a foreign language some of the modding etc and ive been modding cars for years! steep learning curve i feel

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    don't stress on the power commander there not always flogged
    although i have a lot bigger bike i have the abs and love it the only negative is you get used to it and push harder into places than i normally would and the abs does save your ass when braking hard ,usually when something jumps out in front of you.
    i also have the power commander and it has improved the power range but mostly it has improved the fuel consumption

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    Quote Originally Posted by adz2332 View Post
    Hey all

    Just need some options.
    Ive looked at a couple bikes, ones a 250 09 at 3700 and one is a 300 14 at 4400.
    Both in excellent condition, both low kms although the 300 slightly less. And the 300 had abs.
    Both look as nice as each other.
    Is the 300 much better over the 250?
    Opinions plz
    As you can see from my avatar I have both 250r and 300 ninja's, the 250r a 2010/11 was/is in pristine condition except for the cam chain issue I have mentioned in a previous post. The 300abs had been driven hard and has almost 70k on the clock, many parts showed signs of wear, gear change lever, side stand etc and more importantly the back disc, The guy I bought it from had put new pads in but the damage was done - now here is the anomaly, I can get a new disc virtually a 250 disc except it has three extra holes in it for the ABS fitment. On ebay this would cost about $50 BUT without the ABS sender. To get one with the sender already attached is about $190 and the difference in cost is the three flat rivets that holds the ABS in place. Does anyone know where I can get new rivets so that I can use the original ABS sender on the lower cost disc???



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