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Thread: ROT Aug Ride.

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    Default ROT Aug Ride.

    G-day everyone!
    Well the August ROT ride was another ripper and for the last day of winter it was fantastic warn Tassie day.

    All up we had about 45 bikes turn up at Richmond. It was a pretty good trip were we parted company from the dirty boys at Fern tree and continued on to our first stop at Cygnet. From there it was around the Channel Hwy to our lunch time stop at the Oyster Bay Hotel at Kettering.

    On the way around one of the more interesting parts of the ride when Chris & Ally hit a large dip in the road throwing Ally out of the seat and nearly landing on Chris's head.

    It there the dirt boys joined up with us again and I heard John decided to park his BM with the wheels up again so he could check them.

    Lunch was pretty good although some of the service could have been a bit quicker, but seeing I only booked for about 25 I think they did alright.

    I had to laugh when Shane rang me to tell me that
    Smurf and himself were at Snug and some how missed a great white pub while riding through Kettering. Lol. But all ended well when they rode back and had lunch with us.

    From there it was straight back and safely home for all of us. All up today we did around 207 K's.

    TTFN, Dutchy

    At the ride start at Richmond.

    A happy Wiggle.

    Some more happy riders at Richmond.

    ROT 02 & 05

    ROT 03 & 55

    ROT 01 & 12

    At Cygnet.

    Dutchy, Shirena & Blaster 2 on the Channel Hwy.

    At the Oyster Cove Hotels carpark.

    Oyster Cove.

    Bikes in the carpark at Oyster Cove.

    A happy Smurf after a good ride down the Channel.

    Big Richards even bigger bike.
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