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    Meannie not sure what you have done here, if you gently push to two little square keeps where the sender slides in, it will just slide out and you can set it aside while you work on the pump, if you unscrew the top bracket as well then you can leave the sender earth cable connected and set it aside with the sender, then lever the top third off and then the bottom section will just lift up to expose the filter, the plastic flange on the filter is just a firm fit over the aluminium pump output sprout so work on the flange not the filter, I have reason to belive the filter is the same as the one for a kawasaki mule which is sold as a spare part [filter only] part no 49019-0013.

    Now if you were to mix your wires up, then the pump would run at reduced rate [reduced pressure] due to the reduced voltage form the gauge and the gauge would read empty and the warning light would be lit due to full voltage..........just saying.

    I will leave you to your own devices for a while while I jump on my bike and go to Alice springs
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