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    Unhappy 49cc Quad Bike - stops after 10 minutes of riding

    Hi all

    wonder if I could pick your brains.

    I purchased a 49cc Quad bike off ebay for my son for xmas & all was going ok for a few weeks then it started to develop issues, became hard to start & once it got going it would stop after about 10 minutes of riding. It got to the point where it wouldnt even start the other day.

    Well I think I figured the starting issue, was running it too rich & the spark plug was black as dogs balls, so have taken that out & changed it over for a NGK plug today & bam started first go, but then after 10 minutes of the boy ripping it up in the backyard it just stopped & havent been able to start it again yet today.

    Did a bit of google searching & some people suggested in other threads people had posted with same issue that the jets/carb could have some junk it it blocking the fuel ?

    This really is all kinda chinese to me (well the quad is chinese anyways) , what you all think ? Beyond my abilities, bite the bullet & just take it to a bike shop & see if they will look at it ? I did get it for pretty cheap, only $200 new on auction so I did expect it to have a few issues occassionally as its not a high end quad bike.

    Below is a link to the quad I purchased


    Update, well after leaving it for about 4 hours, I just got it started first go, some more reading says it also could overheat if Im running too lean or its a hot day ?

    Im currently running it at 30-1 , the book said to run it in at 50-1 for 3 tanks & then change to anywhere between 25-1 to 35-1, I got that wrong & was running too rich as stated above when running it in as the little fuel bottle it came with for mixing has on it a 500ml line which says Fuel, then a line that says 50-1 so I just added oil to that line, only to discover that was adding like over 70ml of oil to 500ml of petrol which is way too much (stupid me, stupid chinese bottle), I did at least 1 tank at that rate before getting the mixture right.
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