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Thread: KLX250 05

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    Quote Originally Posted by GMN_KLX View Post
    I meant administration literally doesn't allow you to post things until they check you out or something. Anyway - any
    answer to my question?
    Hi I recently purchased a 2013 KLX250s.

    Have done the following.

    Renthal fat bars with risers
    13T front sprocket
    Oversize header pipe
    Terry Kelly custom pipe 94db legal
    Seal savers
    Rear carry rack
    Air box snorkel removed
    42 Pilot jet
    140 main jet
    2.5 turns out on the mixer screw
    3 coils removed on the slider spring
    3 shims on the factory needle(1.5mm)
    All 3 holes blocked on the slider(everyone says only 2 but replacement one has no holes)
    Backfire screen removed
    Spark plug running nice light brown

    Different bike to what I first bought.
    Actually goes now.
    Don't know why they are so restricted.

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    Real Name
    KLXS 250S 2013
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    Feb 2014


    Recently added PARAY programmable cdi from Canada.
    I'm now running 40 degrees advance.
    And more aggressive timing all they way from 500rpm.
    I have a rev cut off of 11000rpm now.
    I can reprogramme cdi at will with my laptop.
    This is what the earlier KLX's ran.

    Also took the air box lid off.
    Also added bash plate.

    Absolutley no need for a big bore kit now.
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