just so we are clear & there is no misunderstanding i have put the super moderators hat back on in light of recent issues.Please understand i have done this for the betterment of the forum & not by desire,also please understand that posting of links,threads,ride reports or anything else hasnt changed,that means WE THE ADMIN & MODERATORS will decide what is allowed & whats not,not the members at large,our position is posting ride reports or links to other forums or sites is allowed,we have listened to you all & we have discussed it with the site owner kawaride so this decision is final & no correspondence will be entered into full stop......erica{cybagirl} has also set up a naughty corner,so unless you want to find yourself there{which is only a step away from being banned}i suggest you all refrain from the petty sniping posts that go back & forth that we have seen lately & i include everyone who posted in the thread im referring too.There is now a zero tolerance poilicy in reguards to pot stiring in threads,there will be 1 warning given & that will be the naughty corner the next will be you are banned & its not open to discussion.If you have a problem with a post/thread contact a moderator do not respond in the thread.