CCT (Cam Chain Tensioner)

  1. Jasmine
    Go to any of the overseas chat rooms and there is always a thread on 250 cam chain rattle. I have a strange one, some mornings I have a whine which I assume is a tight cam chain, go for a ride (red line if out of town) and its like a tin box full of old nuts and bolts rattling. Can the original tensioner be that bad? I have ordered a manual adjuster and will have a good look at the old one when I take it out 17Km does not seem a lot though.

    What I have figured out though is :

    A: Chains wear - not stretch. if they get longer over time its because the pins and ferules wear, and the tensioner should compensate for this elongation.
    B: Unlike our imagination a cam chain adjuster moves a VERY little distance in its life time.
    C: (not having had a close look yet) what stops it going backward?
    D: if its "frozen" in place does the heat expansion of the engine actually cause the chain to rattle a bit more - taking into account that the engine is essentially an aluminium drum?
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