Road Trip?

  1. Davros
    Isn't it time you hairy ar$ed knuckledraggers organised a road trip to the sunshine coast?
    Cannonballs is only around half an hour from me. Cletus and J Davis are about 2hrs fun riding down the road. Bundy Dave is 2 - 3 hours further up the coast and there are plenty of other riders in the SE QLD region.

    Three days of good riding will get you from Melb to the Sunny Coast on some good (fun) roads.
    I have a two bedroom place across from the beach here with plenty of floor space for bodies to crash out on.

    The WA crowd did Perth to Sydney and back so you blokes ought to be able to handle a short trip up here.
  2. Davros
    No one? I feel unloved.
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