1. Maverick
    Hi everyone,
    welcome to the Versys owners group. I know there is not many of us out there however feel free to drop in have a cuppa or a beer and shoot the breeze. Everyone is welcome.
  2. Begbiie
    You can't have a group with only one member. Do we have a third?
  3. Maverick
    Maybe Dr. Shifty will wander in
  4. NthQld
    Hi guys. I recently puchased a Versys for my wife. Well it's so much fun, I just love it. I was looking at a V-Strom, however my local dealer had this 2010 demo. I took it for a ride & then the dealer ripped out that little pin. What a different bike it became. I have no problems with riding the 650 & leaving my other bike at home. It runs on nothing, the bigger bikes can still keep up with me & it handles what ever I throw at it. May even consider buying another for my wife. I look forward to this group growing & sharing any info I may come across.


    Dave Nth Qld
  5. Nicwooky
    My name is Nic. I have a Versys 1000and have had it for 18 months now. I love it. I have been riding for 18 years. I have not owned a car in 18 years. The 1000 is the perfect bike for me and all my injuries. Comfort, agility, power and speed.
  6. Maverick
    Hi Nick and Dave been a while since I looked in here, loving the V more all the time and getting it ready for a trip to Perth next year. Got the panniers on, just gotta find a suitable rack and fit the top box. Got a set of Pirelli Angel GT's ready to go on just before I leave.
  7. keedy75
    Hi All.
    I'm in Perth West Oz.
    Loving the Versys 650L.
    Cant wait to take the screw out!

    Any suggestions for windscreen modifications?
    I'm 6'4" and getting a bit of head wobble from turbulance. Have adjusted the screen as high as it can go. but will need a couple more cm.

  8. Maverick
    Hi keedy I'm only 5'7" so this may not help you I got the Kawasaki branded MRA Vario screen for mine and that helped a lot

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