Z900/1000 1970's restorers.

  1. chainoiler
    Good idea this Peter, save trawling through all the other posts to try and find something specific.
  2. Popeye
    G,Day fellow Z fans just to let everyone know that my resto is advancing quite nicely with the bike now in a gazillion bits in the shed. I intend to do one bit at a time so in the next week the frame, swingarm and centrestand will be off to the powdercoaters. I do however believe I was kissed on the **** by a fairy at birth because I was able to get onto and buy a second engine with the only bit missing being the starter clutch and it cleaned up like a million dollars. It will be a second project in itself. I might even try and do a second bike using this engine as the starting point. Well of tho the shed for some more therapy.
    Cheers Bob
  3. pbz1900
    Hi all,
    I thought this might be a good idea, the very least it can do is bring together a few names all of whom wouldn't mind being pm'd about something z9 or z1ish. As chainoiler said, it might even serve as a central repository. I suppose files can be attached like links and pdfs, so hopefully it can build up at whatever speed it does. As I trawl through my internet faves, I'll try to paste them up here, as well as other interesting useful stuff.


    Later........From what I can see, you have to have pics in your profile, to add them here. And I can't see any way to add pdf's etc. Anyway, we can always send pdfs to emails if desired, I suppose. Speaking of which I have the 2005 Classic bike z1 900 story here in pdf format. Doesn't go into heavy mechanics, but a good overview. And also the Z1 900 factory kawasaki service manual in pdf, but it's 29 meg. I got it from one the links to service manuals.
  4. chainoiler
    Here's a link that has some very basic info, very helpful when trying to identify an unknown, I will add more as time goes by>
  5. pbz1900
    A few more links.
    These are some I have collected, and so far have not used for purchase.
    Just collecting them at moment.

    model id....http://www.cyclechaos.com/wiki/Kawasaki_Z1

    Fixups with unlimited parts access....https://www.z-power.co.uk/merchantmanager/view_information.php?pId=61

    parts lists....http://z-classic.heim.at/z1.htm

    spares aust...http://www.zpower.com.au

    spares international...http://www.z1enterprises.com/

    carby stuff and interest...http://www.wgcarbs.com/

    sprockets info....http://www.jtsprockets.com/52.0.html?&L=0&sel_uid=1153&p=

    instrument repair....http://www.ottoinstruments.com.au/cycles.htm

    suspension (was koni)...http://www.ikonsuspension.com

    parts cross reference software...http://www.zedder.com/index.htm

    bearings wholesaler....

    brake and oil lines...https://helperformance.com

    more bearings...http://www.conbear.com/

    serco distributors.(wiseco etc) ...http://www.serco.com.au

    bits for every bloody thing...

    and the list goes on..
  6. pbz1900
    Sorry, haven't posted anything up for a while, managed to get some teaching work and that's taking up my time. It's really pissing me off I can't even start any of the work that costs.
  7. chainoiler
    Here's some pics of my Z1B project. Picked up last weekend. I will update photo's regularly.
    Howdy all,
    Thought I'd stick my head in and say hello, see what all the fuss is about, what sort of info i can find out to complete my project.
  9. chainoiler
    G'day Blackman, nice A4, where do you hail from?
    Chainoiler, Thanks I'm a Bankstown Boy......
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