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  1. ha ha! I forgot to mention the soap! I will give that to emily tonight. I wanted to get around and say bye to all but I did have a long way to go and wanted to just get going.
    Alec took a lovely photo of you (along with many others) that I will post up tomorrow. If you dont like it I will remove immediately - but it is a nice one. See what you think. Jim
  2. hey michelle and james. thanks again for getting my stickers for me. I didnt take much notice at the time but the patch is of the P.S. Emmy Lou. My daughters name is Emily Louise ... so it is VERY appropriate! A nice co-incidence. Feel bad about not paying you anything - but I got over it ..
    Cheers. Jim
  3. thanks michelle - appreciate that. yep, sounds like will be good get together. Jimbo
  4. You think James would forget??? You must have him confused with someone else!! LOL. No worries, I'll see what I can do, I'm sure a patch and sticker won't be hard to find, especially in the touristy Port area.
    I'm really looking forward to the Albury get together, sounds like it will be a pretty good turn out.
  5. yellow there. I have a favour to ask - and normally i would have asked james but he would probably forget. When i passed thru that way i bought a nice echuca sticker as a little momento. bloody thing has all curled up and is all buggered from the sun. Can you bring nother one to albury with you please? it is just a normal sticker with a picture of a couple of paddle boats on it. nothing special. got it from the place down on the river side. actually, while you are at it, if you see a cloth patch with echuca on it, can you grab that too. if no can do, or forget, no worries. Jim
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