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  1. doon - how you going mate! all ok up there? havent heard from you in a while
  2. Yar.... will be on the 650 for another 2 years.... but after that.... who knows!!!!
  3. doon ! Still thinking of becoming a Strom trooper? Or has the novelty worn off ...
  4. yep - know the spot well! used to watch for it everytime I went to Newy to see my girlfriend - it was a real pain in the ****, yeah, both the speed trap and the girlfriend! LOL!
    Nothing better than taking emily with me. she absolutely loves it! has her own jacket and helmet, its a real thrill for her and is a good dad/ daughter time.
  5. its a tough gig on the 'P' s huh ..
    when you ride, pretend you have your daughter as pillion on the back.
    That will slow you down and make you super cautious.
    I have had my Emily ride with me a few times and boy oh boy, does the care factor go up a little or what !!!
  6. Gday mate! Yeah - Im well! Fit and healthy and thats the main thing!
    Yep - go the V-Strom if you like the look and feel of it. Have heard they are the easiest cruisiest big dual sport available out there at the moment. You talking 1000 cc yeah? Shaft drive too ..? It will have the up right sitting position, long LONG legs for the highway and if you do see a dirt road you know its going to be ok. If you look in adv rider there is a heap of stuff there on them. There is also a yankee site thats all v-strom. Me personally? I am not a fan of the look of them and they are a freakin huge bike. Looks is a personal thing and you are taller than me so the size shouldnt be a problem. Can the seat be lowered? Shouldnt be too hard to find that out. Im kinda heading the same way - looking at a new super tenere 1200, maybe in a couple of months. maybe we should do some tours together ...
  7. mate - too scared to put it up on the forum - did you get your ride in?
  8. dune dude - what happened to the kiama ride? no go...?
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