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31-10-06, 12:06 PM
Hi, i have a 2000 model ZZR250 and i want to change the front cog so i can get the revs down a bit. Firstly i want to know how many teeth a standard front cog has(so i can make sure it hasnt been changed already) and if anyone knows the part number for a front cog with 1 more tooth.

Thanks in advance
Cheers Shane

31-10-06, 01:57 PM
1st -take off cover and count teeth on cog.
2nd - order new cog from Kawa Dealer 1 to 2 teeth larger.
3rd - with new cog in hand take off old cog and put on new cog.
4th - readjust chain and go for a ride.

20-11-06, 12:18 PM
i went to the kawa dealer 80 kays away(riding theres more fun than phoning) he said 14 teeth is standard for zzr 250s

keepin up momentum
13-08-07, 09:34 AM

Yeah 14 tooth front is standard. I went up to a 15 tooth, goes great and costs $15. I was going to go 16 tooth but got talked out of it by kawa dealer, lucky too, i dont think it would physically fit and i noticed the torque limitations with a 15 tooth front and standard pipes. The part no. is DSA3110315D, this is a jap knock off but kawasaki dealer said theyre pretty good.

keepin up momentum