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23-10-06, 10:29 AM
i have a 95 ZZR 250 and was wanting to know what sort of oil is the best to use synth or Min not sure whats in it now is there any way tell
any help would be great
thanks Bruce

23-10-06, 02:10 PM
Forget the mineral oil's.
Go to a full synthetic - just use a decent brand.

23-10-06, 05:00 PM
I use Motul 5100 10W40 in my ER5. As for the synthetic vs Mineral debate, i believe that if you are changing the oil and filter regulary (such as every 5000km or 2 months which ever comes first as i do) then buying fully Synthetic is a waste of money.

Not only that the fact of the matter is that most Synthetic oils are not exactly what they claim to be. Many claimed Synthetic oils are made from Mineral base and not a Synthetic base. There seems to be a line where processing the Mineral base enough constitutes claiming it to be synthetic.

Although fairly new to bikes i can tell you from my experience with cars that i have seen no engine fail due to the type of oil in it. I have seen engines fail due to extremely low oil and extremely old oil (it was like grease).

Advantages of fully Synthetic oils are:
good low temprature viscosity
Low volatility (have to top up oil less)
More stable at extremely hot temperatures
Clean engine internals (downside: can also clean up crud from damaged seals in older engines, possibly allowing damaged seals to leak)

But in the end, the way i see it is you should put in what you can afford and what makes you comfortable.

You have to ride it, and if you are like me thats everyday. Feeling comfortable in the knowledge that my bike is in tip top condition and unlikely to suddenly die makes my riding experience much more enjoyable.

23-10-06, 05:17 PM
Sorry should also add that i started out using Motul 5100 10W50 but after checking the manual found that 10W40 was recommended switch to 10W40 and it seems as though the bike goes better (but it could be in my head, but i will refer back to the what ever makes you comfortable from previous post)

So i would stick with the manufacturers recomendation in viscosity.

23-10-06, 06:33 PM
i have used Motul 5100 10/40w every 3000km inc oil filter change , in all my bikes for quite some time . i change the oil filter every oil change , as i feel if i dont its like having a shower & not changing your jocks .
full synthetic oils are great but 'IMO' not required if you regularly change your oil . although if you got a ZX6 / 10 Ninja & regularly push it to the limit & have track days 100% synthetic oils would be more suitable . but for every day riding mineral / synthetic blends are more than enough .