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05-10-06, 09:37 PM
Just bought a 2002 1500 meanie which needs $2K - 2.5K worth of repairs. As posted in the cruiser section the previous owners had installed high compression pistons from the US. Kawasaki FTG has told me that I can still use the pistons as they are still new, its just that the current sleeve is too thin, so to do it properly it needs to be rebored and resleeved. (compression was so high that the pressure was going back into the crankcase and forcing oil out the aircleaner)

Now heres the dilema - the current pistons weigh 40% more, stock compression is 60-80psi (I'm doing this from memory so it may be out, but ballpark figure ok) and apparently these new pistons increase it to approx 160psi.
Kawasaki has told me that the crank and bearings wont be able to handle it for very long. I've asked around, some places tell me - no worries at all, one place said that the crank will need to be rebalanced to cope as its such a huge increase.

Using the current setup - $2K, buying new stock pistons $2500
Any one with any experience in this? I dont actually know what brand/specs the new pistons are - just that its from the US and part of a kit? Will find out this weekend when I go and check it all out personally though.

Any one know how much I could sell the pistons/rings for? The extra 500 is the annoying bit as I'm getting hammered from the other half for spending so much on bike which still needs another 2K worth of repairs :(

05-10-06, 10:20 PM
I own a 1600 Mean Streak and would likewise be dismayed if confronted with a similar predicament. Before you spend any money go talk to a guy named Brian at Dynoverks.
Brian is a legend in the big twin world being the former highly respected owner of Eastern Big Twin and a Harley / big twin guru. He currently has a 1600 mean Streak in the workshop on which he has almost finished a complete rebuild after the engine was trashed because of some dubious mods carried out some time ago.
You really need to talk to someone who knows what he is doing with the Mean Streak or it will end in tears. The bike Brian has almost rebuilt had been fitted with a "kit" which lasted all of one weekend !
You are sort of correct in your assumptions .... you cannot just do the top of the engine, the bottom will let go as it is not designed to be worked over in a piecemeal fashion.

On another matter, my Mean Streak is also at Dynoverks waiting for Krooz Tune next door to modify the rear shock struts. I just cannot find a good setting as it either bottoms out of jars my back. David is going to re valve the struts or fit better ones. This will be another story when he has finished.