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23-09-06, 07:22 PM
Hi all,
Well i just ordered some EBC HH pads for the old ER-5, Got myself some brake fluid and a self bleed kit.

So if my bike ever comes back from the shop (was meant to get it back 20/09 new date 26/09) i will overhaul the front brakes.

Now i have started thinking to myself (mostly as i have no wheels to go anywhere) maybe i should put braided lines on.

I have heard from people that it can increase the effectivness of the brakes by 50%, but should a relativly new rider such as myself have this increased responsivness? Could an accicental stab on the fronts put me on the ground?

What is everyones opinion of braided lines and are any brands better than others?


23-09-06, 08:19 PM
I use Goodridge braided lines on my Z750, and they make a definite improvement over the standard rubber brake lines. The front calipers on the Z aren't the top of the range either, so the S/S lines give a more positive feel through the lever too.
I don't think that you'll have any problems with locking the front any more so than you would if you grabbed a fistful of lever with normal lines. ;)

23-09-06, 08:20 PM
Braided steel brake lines are the next best to sliced cheese.:D
Let me explain what I mean.
Normal rubber brake lines expand every time you use your brakes.:(
With braided lines the steel outer covering stops that vast amount of expansion as you use your brakes thus sending that pressure to your brakes.
Hey-If you grab any front brake hard enough if will pick the back wheel up of the ground.The same can happen when you go from a drum brake to a single disc and the same when you go from a single to twin disc.But it can be fun as the back wheel is skipping around as you go in to a corner.:D
Once you have put on the new brake lines and bleed the lines it would be a good idea to ride up and down your driveway getting used to the feel of your brakes.If you live in a quite street all the better.;)
Just remember to take it easy at the start and work your way up slowly.
As far as brands go the main thing to look for is the Australian Standard and also that the fittings are stainless steel not aluminum.
Best place to get them is from a good motor bike shop or someone who makes these brake lines to order.Check on the web as you can find first rate suppliers there also.
DO no buy them from overseas as the may not up to the right standard

23-09-06, 11:49 PM
I have plastic coated braided lines on my ride.
Goodrich from dealer and John Stamnos.

Quite simply they take the sponginess out of the pedals.
You get used to them very quickly and they do give you extra confidence in your brakes.

Not sure how they are on a lighter bike. I sure am glad I got them on my V2K.

24-09-06, 02:59 PM
Thanks guys i am convinced that the braided lines are the way forward. I have searched and found a line for my bike for $73 from Hel. Stainless banjo's etc so they look alright.


Thanks for the advice.


08-10-06, 12:09 PM
Fitted the braided line the other day and put some EBC double H sintered pads, repalced the brake fluid and after 2 hours bleeding the lines (first time at doing it) and one phone a friend for advise all done.

Love the new feel to the front brake.

Special thanks to Dean from Hel Performance for his help, and everyone who has offered me advise on the Forum.



08-10-06, 03:33 PM
Braided lines and new pads at the same time. The lines will give you better braking while the new pads will become increasingly more effective as they're bedded in.

Put some kms on them and take it easy. :)