View Full Version : Kickstand footprint lengthening.

17-09-06, 10:21 PM

I just got back from the Aust Moto GP. Parking is in paddocks and it rained. Some had small boards in their bags for their kickstand, others had flattened cans. I used an empty cigar tin (I'd just smoke the last one). Well half the tin, I gave the lid to my buddy for his V2K.

Anyway, everyone had some pad or board or other. The security guys do hand out boards but with 10,000+ bikes, they quickly ran out. This guy told me he had lengthened the pad on his kickstand. (Sorry, no pic) Did the job well and unlike any pad it didn't increase the width, just the length of the pad. He says it increased the surface area enough to lower the pressure on the ground and not sink in. Being narrow, it also allowed him to have it permanently attached to his kickstand without it touching the engine when he raised it. I've seen after market stands like that for the HDs and also on many early HDs and custom builds.

Has anyone tried this on their cruiser?

We saw several bikes tip over in the soft earth. I want to make sure it never happens to me but I don't think it's practical to always carry a pad.

PS attached pics are from the parking lot we were sent to. Love the way our bikes stand out. Tho there were also a lot of M109Rs around. They sure are eye-catching.



18-09-06, 08:35 PM
yhere mate good i dear me and my mates were looking at each other scratching our heads what to do when we got there. I used a plastic bis card that i had did the trick