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10-09-06, 01:16 PM
hi all,
I am new to the motorbike scene. I have a kawasaki zxr250 ninja. My question is I would like to know what is the right way of tensioning the chain? The ways in doing it? After how many km's is it necessary to tighten the chain?
I would muchly appreciate it, if anyone can post me about this problem?

11-09-06, 09:34 PM
Although i too am only new to the scene (been riding about 12 months) as well and have a different bike (er5). I believe the chain tension system is the same.

So to check the tension

With the on the centre stand or on race stand rotate the rear wheel untill the chain is the tightest.

The movement about halfway between the front and rear sprocket should be about 35-40mm.

I check mine monthly but do many km's (about 1000km per week usually) i have had to adjust twice under normal wear and twice more when i have replaced the rear tyre.

As for how to adjust the chain:

Remove the cotter pin holding the rear axle nut in place
Losen the axle nut
Rear torque link nut
locknuts on the chain adjustment (If the bike doesn't have lock nuts, strongly suggest putting them on. I found out the hard way lost the chain adjustment system riding from Sydney to Melbourne must have rattled off)

Tighten the chain adjusting nuts till you get the right tension

Tighten lock nuts
axle nut
torque nut link

Rotate the wheel again and check tension toi make sure. I also sit on the bike off the stand to check the tension as if find it tensions the chain slightly and can cause the chain to be overly tight.

If all good

ideally put a new cotter pin in, but if the old one aint too damaged it is not too bad to use it again.

Hope this helps

12-09-06, 10:09 AM
thanks for that piece of advice