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08-10-08, 09:00 PM
hey all i am all new to the kawasaki scene. just went and picked up a bright orange 2008 Z750 yesterday and loving it. i used to ride a 1999 sv650s but i had to retire it as the engine has done over 110,000k's. if anyone knows where to buy some good mods for the z750 let me know as i want to make a few changes to the zed. i already have a tail tidy organised but need to find where i can get intergrated brake/indicators, rear wheel hugger etc. i am always keen for a ride aswell and live in hobart. if anyone is interested in a tail tidy for their bike hit me up and i can organise something for you as my friend owns www.mustardbikes.com anyway hope to see u guys out on the roads soon you wont miss me

09-10-08, 06:19 PM
Welcome fellow Taswegian, and fear not all your wants and queries will be filled here, enjoy! :D

09-10-08, 06:59 PM
i used to ride a 1999 sv650s but i had to retire it as the engine has done over 110,000k's.

Wow, that's impressive 110K on a SV650, kudos to you sir!

Hope you enjoy the Z750, it's a nice bike.

09-10-08, 07:05 PM
welcome bbq,

i hope you enjoy the Z :cool:

10-10-08, 11:39 AM
mate welcome to the Zoo. I ride with the Tasrats and they do a ride on the last Sunday of each month and meet at Richmond at 10am. They are a great group of riders and welcome anyone who turns up no matter what they ride. This is their web address http://groups.msn.com/TasRATs check it out and see what you think. Hopefully we can catch up on the next ride. For gear for the bike talk to Luke in at Motorworks he set you strait.

Cya Dutchy

10-10-08, 02:51 PM
Welcome to the madhouse hax. Don't need to be a lunatic to join here, but it certainly helps............:D

10-10-08, 06:15 PM
Welcome Hax, hope you enjoy the place. Great fun and great read. Cheers hon :p

old doc
10-10-08, 06:30 PM
Welcome to the madhouse hax. Don't need to be a lunatic to join here, but it certainly helps............:D
Actually ronin, I think it's mandatory :D

Welcome anyway!

10-10-08, 06:50 PM
Actually ronin, I think it's mandatory :D

Might as well be!

Coz if ya not, Christo and Devo will have ya that way soon enough!!.........:D

13-10-08, 08:59 PM
yeah i am always keen for a ride but only just breaking the bike in at the moment so i have to sit at 4,000rpms, just ordered front radiator grill, carbon fibre rear wheel hugger, crash knobs and intergrated brakelight/indicators, and a free tail tidy curtousy of my mate for the bike so they will be put on in the next week or 2 when they arrive and the bike goes in for its 1000k service. yeah the old SV was a beast, it still runs but its about to be stripped and sold for parts so if you know anyone after SV parts sent them to me. went for a good ride down port arthur and through nubeena on saturday, there was alot of riders out but i didn't know anyone. seemed to be alot of old riders on their harleys :P

13-10-08, 09:18 PM
:D:D:D:D !!

15-10-08, 07:53 PM
Congrats on your choice!!! I have my 08 model now for 8 months and I love every minute of it!!! I have added an exhaust and rear seat cover and a tail tidy... Its a great looking bike that is different!!


06-11-08, 08:18 PM
ok i have started the mods on the z750 more to come.... below......ugly old rear end......new sexy rear end with intergrated indicators in the brake light and a custom made tail tidy supplied by mustardbikes.com .....thanx mark!!!!

06-11-08, 08:20 PM
oh yeah more pics will be posted as more parts arrive. if anyone else has some great ideas for me let me know. cheers

old doc
06-11-08, 08:21 PM
Muuuuuch better!

11-11-08, 07:10 PM
well i just fitted the rear wheel hugger and radiator grill but i feel abit ripped off, i paid for wat i thought was a crabon fibre rear wheel hugger but its just plastic with carbon fibre looking sticker stuff on it. still looks good but not impressed, oh and the radiator grill is on but there is no way to actually secure it there so it just sits there. the side fairing holds it in place but am abit worried it may fall off when i hit some bumps so going to mod that this weekend.i will take some pics in the next few days. the bike is very dirty as i have been working along a dirt road this week and seems pointless washing it until the job has been finished.

11-11-08, 07:48 PM
if you need a hand you are more than welcome to come out to my place. Also as I said before for spares talk to Luke in at Motorworks or Red at Reds.

Also check out the Powerbronze site or Aussie Streetfighters.

Cya Dutchy

11-11-08, 09:24 PM
yeah i know luke and red but for some stupid reason i have been dealing with biokeworks as i got the bike from them