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24-09-08, 08:53 PM
Just received this by email

IT'S ON AGAIN IN 2009...

The E.J Whitten Foundation - Stick It Up Prostate Cancer Motorcycle ride is on again in 2009

The event will be held on Sunday 22nd February 2009....We ask that you put in in your diary now, spread the word around and stay tuned for further details.

We are planning some changes in 2009, which we believe will enhance the event and attract more riders, increase awareness and raise more funds for research.....

These include:

* Review of start point where we can have Drinks etc at the start (council permit did not allow for this year)...Proposed start is James Squires at Docklands
* An appropriate identity(s) to lead the ride Endeavouring to get Angry Anderson,
* A slightly longer ride Docklands, over Bolte via Werribee South to Werribee Park
* A "Beer" tent at the Event
* Shaded areas close to the entertainment
* Seating
* A greater variety of food
* More structured event program
* More stallholders
* Increased promotion of the event

Would you like to assist:
We are seeking some volunteers to assist with sections of the event, so we can spread the workload and have broken the event into the following sections:
We were hopeful you and/or an organisation you may be affiliated with might consider taking on assisting in organising the sections. (We will obviously assist based on our experience from this year's event)

* Advertising & promotions
* Sponsorship
* Stall Holders
* Council requirements
* Requirements/permits etc...ie Police/VicRoads
* Event
o Stalls & Stall Holder coordination
o Set Up/Pack Up
o Format/Program; Entertainment
* Registrations (on the day)
* Start set up & coordination
* The Actual Ride

If you are interested in assisting please advise so we can make contact and establish the area you may be interested in

If know of anyone who may be interested in taking a stall and/or sponsoring the event we'd appreciate you passing on their details, giving them this email address to contact us or get them to contact the E.J. Whitten Foundation (Ph: 1300WHITTEN) so we will discuss options.....

If not no problems but we do ask you promote the event where possible so we can maximise awareness, support & sponsorship and attendance on the day.

Best regards

Graeme (Skin) Skinner
0438 565 594

28-09-08, 09:59 PM
Beauty i'll be there again :) when I started work on organising the pink ribbon ride I got in touch with the Masonic motorcycyle riders and their pres said rather than organising a pink ribbon ride why not organise something for prostrate cancer, so I told him that one already existed so now we should be able to get some goat herders in on the act too :P