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09-07-06, 09:18 PM
Hey Guys,

Just after advice on rebuilding a KX125 motor (1993)

I recently bought the bike and have ridden it about 5 times and the motor siezed. I got a quote from a bike shop for about 2k to rebuild it and as im only still learning i dont really want (or can afford) to fork out that much cash. the mechanic said it needs a new piston and rod at the very least but they dont half fix bikes, they prefer to fix everything at once.

I was thinking of getting a piston kit and having a go at replacing the old one myself (seeing as its already f :eek: :eek: ked i dont think i can do too much damage!), but i dont know too much about bikes and i cant get my hands on a manual.

Any advice would be great as i was just getting the hang of riding it and was starting to build up my confidence (not to mention it happenned on Good Friday and i had purposly not planned anything for easter so i could go riding, so i had the s :mad: :mad: ts all easter!)

09-07-06, 09:54 PM
welcome to the forums.

wow only five rides i would have taken it back to where i bought it from and told them to fix it, for that price have you looked around for a new engine or maybe second hand one with low k's.

L Plates For Me
13-07-06, 05:33 PM
I got told by Newcastle Kawasaki that you cant buy reco'd motors that you have to rebuild the one you have. They also said I could probably pick one up from a recker's but its pot luck on if i'd get one in good ccondition. The quote i got was to repair the following:

crank shaft assembly
piston kit rebore
main bearings
crankshaft seals
gasket kit
fork seals and oil
rear wheel bearings
rear disc pads
muffler repack
gear lever

As I'm still learning, i mainly just want the motor running so i can get out riding. Im not gonna be fanging off massive jumps, just building up my basic riding skills. The workshop said it'd cost 2k to 2.5k to fix everything. For a couple of grand more i could probably get a bike thats only a few years old and probably more reliable. Not to mention I'm sick of my wife saying "I told you so" whenever the bike gets mentioned!