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06-07-06, 09:12 AM
I am currently attempting to sell the Hornet (05 1st rgd 06 12K Ventura rack, Honda screen,Reikon Bars if anyones interested in a bloody Honda :o ) and am considering buying an early C model ZX9 to mod as a fighter.

The pics the other day of the 6 they did at Dynoverks was an inspiration for me. I thought it looked great in some respects and figured my own adaptation of that with a 9 would be mint.

My rationale is that, while the Hornet is a great bike, I am a racer at heart. And it steers like a sports tourer. I have thought about making some mods to it also, but the engine needs major work as it's only 100hp. Now that costs money, and with a new house, a race bike and a road bike, the minister for war and finance starts to wonder where all the money went!!

With a ZX9, the basis is good to start with. A nice beefy frame, longish swingarm, tight steering geometry, brilliant brakes. Add to that my choice of comfy wide bars, and we start to see a bike which can be ridden all day, yet steers like a good en.

My 11 year old race bike, steers far better than a lot of the new stuff, so I figure the ZX9 chassis is a lot more modern than my old 6 is, and should therefore be a good solid start. The motors make plenty of power for me (125 is more than adequate for me) so engine mods will not be neccesarry, thus making it a lot more reliable too!

So keep your ears to the ground for me on a cosmetically knackered 9 which I can have a crack at turning into a Strika Fighta! ;)

08-07-06, 03:54 PM
OK Folks, the Hornet is sold, and project ZX9 is under way. Naturally the first step is to secure a donor ZX9. So I would really appreciate it if you could keep your eyes and ears open for me campers! Wanting a C model ZX9, or a P model ZX7R :D

Can't wait to get my teeth into this one. I feel I may have to start developing a strong relationship with the guys at Dynoverks methinks!! I liked the look of that 600 they did recently. Mine will be a tad less....err in your face.....! But am thinking along the lines of this!

Green tank and ducktail. A Half or mini belly pan, 50% in black and 50% in green. Black frame, forks, and swingarm. Side exit exhaust pipe with megephone style muffler. Black wheels with the lip polished. And a small bikini screen of some sort, with some trick headlights. What about a little half fairing incorporating the headlight??? Maybe some 916 style lights or something a little different.

08-07-06, 09:03 PM
What an awesome project, hope it all falls into place for you Strika :D

A ZX9 street fighter will be an insane weapon :eek:

Tex Warren
10-07-06, 03:40 AM
NIce one mate.... look forward to the blow by blow... pics that is!

11-07-06, 07:44 AM
good on you for doing something that will be a one off . enjoy the process as it's sometime's more fun than the end result..:)

17-07-06, 08:57 PM
Well the project is go! I bought a 98 ZX9R yesterday as the start point. Half the work has been done with the front n rear suspension done, a steering damper, race pipe, braided lines, and floating discs, all things i would have done anyway so it saves a few bucks. I havn't picked it up yet, it's in Sydney. I am up here now,but didn't bring the trailer unfortunately. I will post some pics when i get it!

17-07-06, 09:48 PM
thats good news look forward to seeing it.

28-07-06, 01:41 PM
I havn't had a chance to pick it up yet, as work is getting in the way of me having a good time at the moment. Thankfully it won't be like this all year. here is a pic to satisfy your curiosities until I pick it up and post some proper pics.:)

P.S. This is all on hold ATM, I found out third hand (though yet to be confirmed) that the bike is a stat Right off. If it is, then the deal is off. The intended usage is for a road bike, and a stat write off is no good to me. So fingers crossed till I sort it out. Luckily at this point no money has changed hands, which certainly simplifies things a lot.

28-07-06, 06:23 PM

I just spoke with the seller, and he has fessed up to the bike only having a Jap comp plate. No good to me, so I guess the Hunt for a donor bike continues:(

28-07-06, 07:09 PM
That's a bit of bad news. I guess the quest begins again. GOODLUCK.

Tex Warren
29-07-06, 01:41 AM

I just spoke with the seller, and he has fessed up to the bike only having a Jap comp plate. No good to me, so I guess the Hunt for a donor bike continues:(

When I said blow by blow.... I didn't mean that...

29-07-06, 07:43 AM
G'day Strika,
The bloke selling the bike must have been a fool to try and hide the lack of compliance. I hope you can find a nice registered example to kick start your project. Good luck with the fighter!

29-07-06, 03:14 PM
It's no biggie really, as there are loads of Nines for sales ATM. I have sniffed around a little this afternoon, and without much haggling, I can have myself a 98 or 99 model with some small cracks in the fairing and anywhere between 32 and 40K's, for around mid 5's, with reg and RWC! :) Not sure if I will find anything much cheaper than that, although there is a neat ZX7R which someones been trying to sell for some time and they may be more open to unreasonable offers by now!:D

10-08-06, 09:57 AM
I thought I had kept this updated......obviously not though. As some were aware, I had bought a 9 then didn't, and was on the hunt for another donor bike for the project. I ended up buying a black 2000 model. It's done a few K's 50,000. However, it is a one owner, with a full K workshop documented service history with every service performed before time or Klms.

The bike is probably not the best way to start a fighter project, as it is one of the cleanest 9's I have ever laid eyes on. The guy who owned it, used it to commute from Geelong to Laverton for three years, and then he got a company car, so the bike has been parked pretty much since then with him not bothering to renew the rego as he wasn't riding it.

When it came time to sell it, it wouldn't start. So he took it down to the shop and had them service it and put a new battery in it. Runs like a clock again.
To give you some indication of what type of rider this guys was, the discs, at 50,000 klms did NOT have a lip on them or even any score marks, and the bike still has the original, (and yes I mean the one it was delivered new with) front pads in it!:eek: Plus the biggest lean angle it's ever had was on the side stand. It's almost too nice to butcher!!

If someone offers me $8000+ for it, they can save it from the hacksaw and hammer, otherwise....it's toast!!!:D

I pick it up this PM, so will post some pics then.

10-08-06, 08:04 PM
Piccies or it didn't happen apparently!!!!:D

23-08-06, 04:23 PM
I took it down to get a RWC yesterday. Havn't heard back yet? :confused: Shouldn't need anything, I checked it over thoroughly and there isn't a thing wrong with it including disc thickness and pad life and all the usual stuff. I had them fit some tyres too while they had it. Next step is to get it inspected by Vic Roads on Tuesday next week-Earliest appointment available apparently.