View Full Version : ANZAC Day long weekend ride to Elephant Pass

10-04-08, 04:29 PM
Hi People!

I'm going to be heading to Elephant Pass from Launceston on the upcoming long weekend. (Weather permitting - don't fancy going for a 'fun' ride in hail and thunder storms)

I'll heading over the sideling to Scottsdale and then east to St. Helens, St. Marys and Elephant Pass pancakes. Then back via the loop road to St. Helens, Scottsdate and home to Launy.

I tried to link to a map but it hates me so here's the URL instead. http://tinyurl.com/46ay56

This is not a 'organised' ride with any group or club. It's just me and a few friends and an open invite to anyone who wants to come along. We're not boy-racers (or at least I'm not) so while the pace will probably be quick-ish, this isn't planned as a 'half the pack disappear into the distance and are not seen until the end of the day' kind of thing. (Unforunately, there's always going to be one or two right?)

Any Hobartians who want to meet up in Elephant Pass pancakes are more than welcome too.