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02-04-08, 02:14 PM
Hi Guys,

I have had my new z750 for a week now - and haven't been off it yet. Pics to follow. Love it so much its scary. 3 weeks was too long to be off a bike

I have decided to take it for a run and I work at night on a four day on/off rotation so have plenty of time during the week to take her out. I have decided the Black spur would be a good start - just to take it easy, do it at my own pace type-of-thing during the week.

I'm a north-western suburbs boy and have no idea about that part of town. I have looked for maps and they will get me to the spur, but no direction as to when I get there or best route.

Does anyone know of any good online resources that may help me with directions on the ride. Even the best way to get there from the Pascoe Vale area (between the Tulla and Ring road). If the weather holds, may go Friday to Waverly to watch my footy team train and keep going from there.

Even suggestions on places to stop and grab a bite would be great


02-04-08, 03:39 PM
can i suggest you use google maps? you can adjust the route any way you like that way......
or chat to the guys who regularly go up there - theyre bound to respond anyway

02-04-08, 06:43 PM
If you are going from Pascoe Vale try this...

Ring rd to end and turn left. Follow to Diamond Ck. Through Diamond ck turn right at first roundabout other side of town. Follow this till the T-intersection. Turn right then immediately left. This is the christmas hills rd to Yarra Glen. When you get to the T-intersection at the end, turn left. Head out of town, turn right immediately after the bridge about 1klm out of town. Follow this rd to the T-intersection and turn left. Down the hill and turn right. 200m turn left before the railway line. Follow t T-intersection. Turn right 50m T-intersection turn left. 100m on right just after the bridge is the Beechworth Bakery for a break and a snack. Then keep riding past it straight on to the spur!!!

If riding from Glen Waverley. Springy rd north, right onto Maroondah Hwy and keep going straight!:D