View Full Version : Bathurst 1000

21-03-08, 08:54 PM
I know it's in October but is anyone interested in doing the Bathurst 1000 this year? 4 day tickets are about $115 for general admission and $150 for paddock access. I'm not sure about accomodation yet (a fellow firefighter from my station's from Bathurst, so I'll ask him about it when I see him next) but I'm guessing if we get in early and with a decent number it'll be reasonable. Haven't been there before but I hear some parts are hairy (ie: the bull ring), so bikes being left at a motel might be the best way to keep them from being torched! :eek: Might be some fun, so let me know so we can start organising!

Just realised that I have 2 big jobs that are expected to be commissoned mid Oct, so that'll probably count me out...