View Full Version : Great Ocean rd , 5th March

04-03-08, 07:36 PM
Sorry about the short notice ... but if anyone is intersted in hitting the Great Ocean rd down to Apollo Bay let me know ... and to the others that have to work ... well I'm sorry to hear that *wink*

05-03-08, 08:03 PM
Was your ride scheduled for today? How was it anyway?

06-03-08, 01:01 PM
I left about 10 am from Melb and headed straight for the Great Ocean rd via Geeelong/Anglesea ... rode all the way to Wye River and stopped for a quick beer ... continued on to Skenes Creek just before Apollo Bay and then head up into the Otways. The Great Ocean was rd was fantastic and the traffic was light and very polite. The slow traffic always moved over to let me past. Skenes Creek rd into the Otways was great scenery although the road was not in the best condition. In hindsight I would have continued further south and turned back when it was time to head home. All in all was great day and I hope to come on some rides with some of the members here real soon. :D

06-03-08, 02:16 PM
Fantastic looking machine you have got there mate, hope to see it sometime soon in real life. Cheers.