View Full Version : Sunday ride

01-02-08, 05:50 AM
Anyone up for a bit of a fang or just a cruise on Sunday? It's going to be a gorgeous day.....

01-02-08, 06:15 AM
a nice cruise would be good let us no your plans (to old to fang)

01-02-08, 10:09 AM
its an option...

01-02-08, 12:14 PM
Let us know a time and a place , We are free this weekend and i have to scrub in a new tyre :D

01-02-08, 02:18 PM
OK no need to yell :) :)

01-02-08, 03:59 PM
I'm in. :cool:

01-02-08, 05:14 PM
Off to Geelong in the cage for a weekend with my mum so i'm out alas.

02-02-08, 06:13 AM
Anyone got any ideas for where we're gonna ride?

02-02-08, 08:33 AM
we could always do the wharburton lunch run again .??? We dont get up that way often .:D

02-02-08, 10:25 AM
if weathers nice, twin spurs aint outta the question for me

02-02-08, 12:12 PM
Lovin' the idea of the Warby run, myself. :D
Hey Colsie, you interested as well, mate?

02-02-08, 12:57 PM
I'm in just gimme a time and place to meet!

02-02-08, 05:16 PM
i will keep checking back to see if there are going to be riders going , if not i'll head up there anyways , beaut roads , hope to catch a few of you on the road , i will be turning off at warragul .:D

02-02-08, 06:08 PM
Well, if we all meet at the Packy maccas at say 9:30, we can head off through to Gembrook -> Launching Place -> Warby. Have a bite for lunch and then decide on another direction at Warby. :cool:

02-02-08, 07:51 PM
I'll be there at 9.30

02-02-08, 08:35 PM
a blonde with t1ts here....... so no sense of direction - where the hell is pakenham maccas?????????????

02-02-08, 08:51 PM
98 Princes Hwy Pakenham.
Where you coming from Vix?
If you get on the monash just keep going untill you get to the end and then continue along the Princes Hwy and you'll see it on your left in Pakenham

02-02-08, 09:08 PM

Head to Emerald, then on to Cockatoo. Cockatoo to Pakenham. Turn left at Princes Hwy.
You can't miss it. :cool:

(Assuming you're heading from Monbulk.)

02-02-08, 09:35 PM
dorset rd..left onto..ferntree gully rd..first right..heading towards lysterfield, berwick..left onto main drag through berwick..then follow signs to packy!

02-02-08, 09:48 PM
dorset rd..left onto..ferntree gully rd..first right..heading towards lysterfield, berwick..left onto main drag through berwick..then follow signs to packy!

And if you head that way then enjoy the little run along Lysterfield road, its a nice warm up for the day! :)

03-02-08, 12:50 AM
2am, just got home....930 @ pakenham looking doubtful for me....sleep in def on the cards

might head up to marysville in the evening for dinner if time allows


03-02-08, 06:03 AM
We might be late starters at packy ,going to try tho.:D , if we dont get there , we will meet you at warby for lunch :cool:

03-02-08, 07:14 AM
Lol. Wussies. :p
(Specially you Aidan. Young Bull like yourself should be bouncing outta bed at 6, mate. :D )

03-02-08, 07:25 AM
About to leave now to head to packy , cya there.:cool:

03-02-08, 02:44 PM
Onya Andrea, was an awesome ride. You must have been hauling ar$e something chronic. I was going GOR style (without the drop) on the way to Yarra Junction and just couldn't catch up to you! :D :p

Commendations in order to Geoff and Scarecrow. Geoff's looking good on the 900, and Scarecrow's not shy of keeping up some of the time. :D :cool:

Kick **** ride, decent feed and even better company in Warby. What more could you ask for?

03-02-08, 03:38 PM
Did I miss Andrea

03-02-08, 07:04 PM
Hey folks I missed the ride because we had promissed to take friends out for a birthday ....... but we went to a lovely place called "Forest Edge" up off Launching Place Road and when we left there and started back towards Gembrook I saw a bunch of bikes coming up my rear so I indicated and pulled my White Ford off to side of road and let them ALL thru ....... it wasn't you guys was it :) Some waved a thanking left hand and it made me feel good that at least I wasn't one of the cars that spoil a good ride :)

Glad you had a great day next time up that way if you want to try a awesome spot for a lovely lunch remember the "Forest Edge" .... it's a bit upmarket but great food for good prices.

Cheers for now, Rob1943 :cool:

04-02-08, 09:51 AM
...What more could you ask for?

well, i could have been there!

04-02-08, 10:30 AM
i got caught up with some personal issues and couldnt make it. sorry guys and girls. if anyone is up for a ride this weekend either saturday sunday or both i'm child free and hanging for a fang

04-02-08, 04:03 PM
Don't sweat it. ;)

Will see you next weekend. :cool:

04-02-08, 05:58 PM
Great Ride Guys and Gal,Thanks For the Suggestion Andrea...Cheers all

05-02-08, 02:29 PM
Thanks everyone we both had a good day out , thanks for the suggestion vixen , hope to catch you on a ride day sometime :D