View Full Version : Running Rich

10-05-06, 10:50 PM
I am not to mechanicaly gifted so i am appealing to you fellas.

Noticed over the past few days my V2K is smelling a bit rich when it is running and if i give it a good twist on the throttle it puffs out a bit of smoke.

It is Booked for a service on Friday and the installation of a set of powershots. The PC111 is probally 4-6 months away still.

Is the fact it is running rich and blowing a bit of smoke a problem or is this an easy fix during the service, it only has 6000ks on the clock :confused:

29-05-06, 08:53 PM
motorcycles are set by the manufacturer's to run a bit rich from standard . this help's with passing emmision & noise level ADR std. by fitting your V&H powershot's your bike will be running leaner , also premium unleaded 98ron , will be richer than std unleaded .