View Full Version : Blues Rally,Cooyar

26-09-07, 03:27 PM
Just to let you know that there's the Blues Rally held at Cooyar,West of Yarraman on the 5,6,7th Oct weekend.This will be my first rally back after a 6 yr lay off. Should be really good.The Wolverines are playing,plus other bands. Also throw in the usual Wet T shirt comp,Bike show & gymkhana.Might catch up with some of yous & have drinky.Cheers Lanky50:D

26-09-07, 05:41 PM
Sounds Great see u there :D

26-09-07, 09:06 PM
Dammit! Second year in a row I miss out on the "Blues Rally", I've got night shifts all weekend that weekend.

14-10-07, 09:17 AM
I wished, also working nightshift that w/e story of my life:confused:

They still have wet-t comps. Double Damm;)