View Full Version : KLE500, how to lower.

01-03-06, 01:00 PM
Hi, Been looking at a KLE500 today. I'm inseam challenged as the Yanks say, thats a short**** to the rest of us. Now I want to drop the seat height from 840 to about 760 or there abouts. Has anybody done this, are lowering links available (can't find on the net) or any other options I can look at. I guess I can lose about 40mm from the seat but that still leaves 40/50mm. The only solution the salesman could come up with was to drop the front forks, now that would help the steering geometry. Thanks for any help. Drongo.

08-03-06, 06:27 PM
Don’t mess with your suspension. I think you will find that underneath your seat cover there is a “thick” layer of firm foam. Take the seat to a decent automotive upholsterer and get them to remove the cover. They then need to run a heated wire through the foam cushion and remove whatever you want, ie. thickness, while maintaining the seat shape
The seat cover should then be replaced and hopefully you will have a lowered bike with the same handling qualities.