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13-04-05, 04:15 PM
Fitting Kuryakyn ISO Rear Footpegs

When ordering you will also require Kuryakyn 8831 metric rear peg adapters to fit the ISO pegs
The adapters are sold in pairs.
Tools required.
A pair of pointy nose pliers, Allen key (supplied) and a small Allen key to adjust the angle of the pegs via the set screw.
The job only took about 30 minutes to complete.

1. Remove the standard footpeg by removing the e-clip and pivot pin.
2. Orientating the spring washer takes a few minutes. The long end of the spring washer is inserted parallel to the mount so as when the adapter is inserted, it does not show. The lip end of the spring faces outwards
3. Push the adapter in. Some force may be required to overcome the spring clip
4. Insert the original pivot pin and e-clip. The e-clip should be on the bottom or low end of the pivot pin.
5. Fit the ISO peg to the metric adapter using the supplied Allen key.
6. Adjust the angle of the foot peg by using a small Allen key to screw in the set screw

When my metric adapters arrived, they were minus the set screws. A short email and they were posted within a few hours. Quick service, but make sure the adapters are supplied with the set screws to avoid delays fitting them.
The rear peg adapters were supplied with installation instructions. They are also on the Kuryakyn web site: