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13-01-06, 08:07 AM
Hey all - first post on here and as you can tell from the question I am pretty new to big bikes (have been riding stupidly souped up scoots for a long time and finally stepped up!).

I have a late 1995 ZX6R that I bought recently which I am wanting to be able to do most of the basic maintenance on myself (I can swing a spanner no probs).

I want to be able to do the regular fluid changes mostly and just need to know where on the bike the oil drain is for gearbox and also the engine and the fill points. I have had the fairings off already for something else but neglected to look and so before I go pulling it all apart again would rather know where to looking (last time I pulled both fairings off before I realised I only needed to pull off the seat to get to the battery!! D'oh!)

Any recommendations on gbox oil also (and engine too!) - do Redline make a gearbox oil suitable for bikes or can you use the car stuff?


13-01-06, 09:25 PM
psssi98 Welcome to the forum. It seems to be growing bigger and better every day now.

Change the oil filter when you change the oil, at least every 6000km or more frequently if you hammer the bike.
Use a quality filter like a K&N or similar and a quality motorcycle oil. DON'T use motorcar oil ! The gearbox / engine on most motorcycles are intergrated and use the same oil supply. You can buy a good oil filter and quality oil at any decent motorcycle shop.
The info below is for a 2000-2004 ZX-6R but should be basically similar to your bike.
Someone else on the forum may be able to give more specific information. The diagram attached is from a service manual.

14-01-06, 07:48 AM
Thanks for the reply OzMeanie - pretty much where I thought it was then and not too hard. Plus I learned something about the oil sharing....a bit surprised by that but makes sense.

And no I would not be putting car oil in :p....I'm noob but not that bad. :cool: I always change filter with the oil as well otherwise there is no point doing the job in my books....probably do it every 3000-4000 k's as well as I do my cars every 5000 k's (turbo's) but the bike gets revved just a little harder and more often. ;)

Anyone with a manual for a 1995/6 Zx6 would be good too as I can only find 99 or 00 onwards.