View Full Version : Front tyre problem for a Kawasaki 1994 EL250

12-01-06, 09:36 PM
I received an email from a EL250 owner / rider in Darwin. She had been told the front tyre as fitted to the EL2250, a 100/90 - 17 was no longer produced.
After a search of the internet the only supplier I could find was Dunlop in the UK but importing one off tyres from the UK would be an expensive exercise.
I talked to the Bridgestone rep here in Melbourne for some advice. He confirmed none of the major manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin or Pirelli produce a 100/90 - 17
He suggested fitting a Bridgestone 100/80 -17 on the front. The 100/80 is very slightly smaller in diameter and may make your speedo over read a little ? but doubted the rider would not notice any other difference riding the bike.
The other possibility is to fit a 110/80 ? 17 This is a slightly bigger tyre and may contact the front guard.

It does seem disappointing that they no longer produce a tyre for a bike only 12 years old. The suggestions above seem to provide a solution. The tyres as suggested above should be available here in Oz from all the major manufacturers.