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16-06-07, 06:54 PM
Hey People,
Here is a cheap way to fix the terrible brake fade on 06/07 ZX10R's which I found happening at track days (brake lever coming all the way back to the bar when fluid gets hot). Even after changing to braided lines and full synthetic fluid (DoT5) it was still happening. So after some research here is the cheapest solution I found:
You get a second hand 5/8 master cylinder (about $50 second hand) and bolt it straight on. Even though it is not radial it works the way the brakes should have worked in the first place. The bigger bore, 5/8 compared with 13mm, lets you get great feel at the lever AND have a "hard" sqeeze (braided lines are a must).
There a few hicups though (as always - which I always seem to get).
The Kawasaki 5/8 M/C uses a M10 x 1.0 thread for the banjo bolt but the Suzuki 5/8 M/C uses a M10 x 1.25 thread (so do some othe brands). So if you have braided lines specific to the ZX10R model (which would have an M10 x 1.0 banjo) and get a Suzuki M/C then the banjo bolt wont fit. You will have to get a new double banjo bolt from a speed shop (M10 x 1.0).
This in itself will cause it's own problems because the bolt will probably be too long (which mine was). So you then need to pack out the end fittings of the braided lines with crush washers (or copper washers) until you align the end fittings with the banjo bolt holes. In my case I had to double up on each washer.
The only other problem you may encounter is the awkward lead you get from your braided lines as they have been specifically bent to fit a radial M/C, not an axial one. There is usually enough play in the lines for this not to be a problem though.
So, if you are going to change your brake lines to braided lines, in hindsight, I would get a second hand 5/8 master cylinder (preferably a Kasawaski one), clean it thoroughly, go to your local brake shop and get them to make up the braided lines to suit (about $200) and change to full synthetic fluid.
The difference is incredible.
There is another easy solution to the brake problem. You can simply get an 05/06 636 radial master cylinder and bolt it strait on, although it costs about $400 new or $200 second hand (if you can find one), - same effect.
I can't believe the ZX10R has not been recalled to fix the brakes considering it is meant to be a "race rep". At least I could fix it for about $50 (excluding the braided lines) - wonder how much it would have cost Kawasaki if I had crashed?

16-06-07, 07:41 PM
Great fix for the issue. How slack is that of kawasaki not to recall them.

Just being a little cautious. I don't know if I'd be using multiple crush or copper washers to align the end fittings with the banjo bolt holes. Too many places to leak fluid from.

Thats just my thoughts, would be interested to hear from others on this.

16-06-07, 08:54 PM
thanks for the heads up , you would have thought the 636 master cylinder would have been used on the current ZX10 "go figure" .. :confused:

18-06-07, 10:16 AM
I love the fact that you were able to come to a simple compromise to solve your solution, it exactly what I would do.

But the mod does raise warranty issues, but we wont get into that.

If anyone else is interested in changing their master with one off a ZX636, may I recommend eBay USA... I recently bought a heap of parts and got them at a very small fraction of the RRP $au.

You find yourself paying just as much in shipping, but in the end you save alot of $$$.

18-06-07, 10:12 PM
I have seen lots of bikes fitted with the ZX636 Radial Master Cylinder. It does seem strange that as it works so well, it was not fitted on other bikes as standard equipment. To get the most out of the radial master cylinder, braided lines should be fitted as well