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19-11-05, 06:57 PM
Hay all,
just need a little help re. oil change in my new (to me) 1995 VN 800. Not knowing what oil or last change the prev. owner of my bike has done, I would like to drop the old oil out and add new stuff.

1) Can anyone guide me to the position of the sum drain bung? (is it the only bolt visible on the very base of the sump?)

2) I have Motul 5100 to replace the old stuff, is this ok in most peoples' opinion ?

3) Additionally, where do I drain the coolant from, and then where is the coolant filler to refill? Does any of the plastics or tank need to be removed?

4) I have noticed a black plastic (filler) cap roughly positioned behid the rear of the 2 cyclinders. What is that for?

Any help with these questions and/or any other general maintenance issues I should be aware of would be greatly appreciated. Cheers folks.

Vulcan 800

30-03-06, 08:58 PM
the sump plug is @ the base of motor , should only be one ; my vn 2000 has three sump plugs . motul 5100 10/40w is great oil . the coolant i'm uncertain if there is a drain plug , try undoing the hose @ radiator drain what you can & top up . possibly go to a kawasaki dealer & speak to the mechanic he or she should put you in the right direction .