View Full Version : Rides in SA for those who are learning?

11-05-10, 10:11 AM
Hi South Aussies, I've just got my first bike and am wondering what rides/roads are good for those learning their bike. I'm planning to start practising in carparks and local streets initially, before moving up to longer, more windy roads.

But what are some good rides, in order of difficulty that I can be trying?

11-05-10, 12:38 PM
which end of the state are you at, I could give you a long list of suitable rides but need t know within about 10 km where ya wanna start at

11-05-10, 01:52 PM
About 10 kms out of Adelaide. I live in Mitchell Park (Daws Road / South Road), so up past Windy Point is a road I drive regularly. I also socialise up in Stirling a bit, so any roads from there are ok too.

My best mate (and riding buddy) lives in Cheltenham, so we plan a few rides down to Outer Harbour.

11-05-10, 03:40 PM
quickest way outta town for you is down Marion Rd. , straight on and over the hill, turn left on Chandlers Hill Rd. , follow that to the first Clarendon turn off, take that and then follow the road through Clarendon, Yankalilla, Meadows, Ashbourne then either break left to Strathalbyn or down to Goolwa. This stretch of road gives you a great range of all sorts of conditions and corners without being too demanding at legal speeds, you can break off and zip back to the city from a dozen places along the way or do the whole loop past Goolwa into Victor Harbor and then up the coast to home. It is always better to do this lot on a weekday but still not too hectic on a normal weekend.

Up the beaches to Outer Harbour, then home via Tapleys Hill Rd. would be a reasonable run to get a bit of working around traffic into you without getting in too deep.

Also the run down the coast to Normanville sticking as close to the beaches as you can is quite fun on a quiet day.

PS. Belair Rd. up past windy point, down old belair rd. blythewood rd. up belair rd. makes a really sweet loop for practising corners, it's also right in your back yard .

11-05-10, 07:22 PM
check out ridingsa.com.au heaps of learner rides there.

11-05-10, 08:18 PM
That's a great start, thanks all. :)

10-06-10, 08:41 AM
are you riding on the long weekend? i just got my bike as well and i live on belair road. i been practicing going up to flagstff hill from belair road in the evenings. good practice with not much traffic at night.

10-11-10, 12:46 AM
Chain of ponds man.. the road is almost made for bikes. Just watch your speed though. Huge hotspot for police, and i wouldnt push the boundaries on your L's. Amazing ride though.

03-12-10, 12:02 AM
The bit of road from Lobathal to Cuddley Creek is pretty fun for all skill levels. It's also close to chain of ponds. . .

06-12-10, 11:24 AM
lobethal to norton summit. if u like the tight stuff

06-12-10, 07:50 PM
lobethal to norton summit. if u like the tight stuff

That's the road me and my bike met on. Was love at the first hair pin.

05-01-12, 08:59 AM
Hey matty, john here, most of the roads in the hills are great just ride to your abillity & read the recomended speed signs. I love gorge rd, 3rd gear 10k then nail it through the bend, what a rush!!!!(done a few track days) again just ride to your abillity & dont get suckered in trying to keep up. good luck with yr riding