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10-05-10, 04:33 PM

Not sure if i should start a new thread but i just bought my zx2r with 50 000 kms on it knowing it will run out of puff soon. So in its last legs i was wondering what bikers do in this situation (buy new engine as in second hand, or just rebuild)

I rebuild and do engine conversions for cars but not as familiar with carbies.

So far i have just planned

Clutch replacement
head recondition
Recondition carbies
rehone block + new pistons and rings
balance crank + new bearings
seals and gaskets etc.
replace hoses as necessary.

What i am not sure is, is it easier to just buy a second hand engine+ carbies? if so where would i find one.

And whats the rough cost in parts for all those items? am i looking in the thousands? and are there any aftermarket parts i could be interested in. (stroker kits, high compression, aftermarket camshafts etc.)

Also is fuel injection conversion with ITB's Do-able? or worthwhile?

As i said if any of my questions are ignorant please bear with me, Motorbikes are a whole new world to me. I do plan on upgrading later down the track but i was hoping i could keep this one as a GP bike/ track bike. ( i get quite attached to my belongings :P)


(my budget at the moment depends on the outcome of the rebuild, so e.g. a fuel injected ITB solution im willing to spend up to 3-4 grand IF the gains are worth it, if its just a plain rebuild im hoping to spend about 1-2grand tops in parts.)

10-05-10, 05:05 PM
ring up some bike shops that find out what parts they have and you will probably find they have nothing?? i had a zx2 that i got cheap and it was a bit rough i was gona fix it up for my gf, put new rings in it and stuff but couldnt find any shops that sold parts, found one guy on ebay that had a head gasket....its a pretty old bike and it was never sold here only a import im pretty sure so parts are hard to come by, i did find a wreckers in vic that had second hand parts but expensive....

how long have you had the bike and does it need a rebuild or you just think it should cos its got 50kks? thats really not that many ks, unless its blowing out crazy smoke and goes like crap i would just enjoy it for as long as you have to(restricted licence?) then save your cash and when you can sell it and buy a bigger bike. the 3-4k you could spend you could sell it for 1500-2000 and then buy a 600 thats already fuel injectored and makes twice the power....

10-05-10, 05:55 PM
im going to ride it to its death :P

not blowing smoke but getting really rattly and needs full choke on start up for a while or else it stalls on cold. (my carbies dont like the cold)

Cant i go to kawasaki dealer and ask them for parts?

10-05-10, 06:53 PM
meh all kawasakis are rattley probably just needs a new cam chain or the tensioner is stuffed. full choke sounds pretty standard, its a old bike after all thats what all old cars and bikes are like specialy now its gettin colder. my bike stays in choke mode for a few mins aswell, its just auto thats the only difference...you can go there or call them either way, i called about 5 places in brisbane and no one had anything maybe you will have some luck....try us sites the aussie dollar is good atm....

10-05-10, 07:07 PM
Might be worth looking at cam chain as mentioned above, i'd also get the shims done, at 50000 that's about due. As also mentioned above, the bike is a grey import, not sold in Aus so your options really are Vic Bike Wreckers (the expensive option) or maybe a Kwaka dealer can import the parts, probably an even more expensive option.

No harm done trolling ebay worldwide I guess but in the end, i'd give it a bit of a spruce up with the above suggestions then ride it to it's death.

Red Dragon
10-05-10, 07:28 PM
If the engine from a GPX can go in without a hitch that would be the cheapest option. Time to start the google up mate.

10-05-10, 07:45 PM
ewww gpx motor thats like putting a diesel in a sports car....oh wait....

10-05-10, 10:16 PM
gpx motor? wow u can do engine swaps on bikes easily?

My engine swap on my car was a pain haha from the same manufacturer though so at least the wiring colours were similar :P

whats wrong with the GPX motors? (orange ute)

10-05-10, 10:32 PM
It all depends, on a basic level it's easier because you don't have to worry about mating drive trains or crankcases since it's (usually) just a chain to a sprocket for a drivetrain.

A gpx engine in a zx2r frame is not the best option, the gpx engine is a 2 cylinder while the zx2r engine is a 4 cylinder...

11-05-10, 08:14 AM
is it really that hard to find rebuild parts. im going to call around today and see if i can source and new parts for my bike.

There has got to be some aftermarket companies.. for cars theres heaps!!

11-05-10, 05:36 PM
yeah but the bike isnt that popular and it was a import, if it was a cbr maybe cos there in a million of them but theres not all that many zx2s......and good luck with after market, its a old bike and again it wasnt sold here so the demand for after market parts wouldnt be there. us is your best bet or maybe japan....

and last time i checked a gpx motor didnt rev to 20krpm it would be ok but it doesnt have the sweet 4 cyl sports bikeness to it...depends on ya riding style maybe the torque down low of the gpx would be better, or maybe you like reving the ring off the zx2 motor. i have riden a few and its pretty cool just watchin the needle go up and up and up even if it is at a snails pase;)

17-05-10, 08:26 PM
dude i got quoted 3500 min to rebuild myn i went with a second hand engine with under 20,000 ks cost me $1050 give otobai wholesalers a call 0393296444 there based in Melbourne or try 1300055966

17-05-10, 08:28 PM
as 4 after market parts if ur interested i know were u can get a few as I've just spent over 7 grand on myn lol

18-05-10, 12:57 AM
Hey Phat, post up any contacts for aftermarket parts here. I'm keen to know where I might find things for my ZXR250/ZX2R also.

18-05-10, 07:26 PM
kool ok

For an aftermarket free flow air filter try:

the two numbers up above try otobai first as thats were i got myn

As for jet kits i went through these guys:


As for a aftermarket cdi's:

http://fairing.en.ec21.com/Cdi_ZXR250R--3402007_3405335.html jus make sure i u need one for a c model u let them know u want one for a balius as there is a differance.

As for an after market exhaust try:

http://bikegearwarehouse-px.rtrk.com.au/Motorcycle_Exhausts/2009_9 or ebay lol

Anything else you can think of im pretty sure otobai would have there gr8 hope i helped.

18-05-10, 07:56 PM
If you can't see his links try hitting the quote buttons and the links wont be shortened.