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29-11-09, 05:11 PM
Sad that it's come to this but can't say i'm surprised really, we in Vic face the same issues.

A TASMANIAN charitable institution will hit the highway for the last time next week.

In its 30th year, the Motorcycle Riders Association's annual Toy Run has raised up to $1 million in donations for the Salvation Army since 1980.

But it faces ending because of a lack of people willing to organise the event.

While the event attracts up to 7000 motorcycles bearing Christmas gifts each year, only a handful of people take part in organising the logistical, legal and liability tasks associated with the event.

This year just two members of MRA South, which now has a depleted membership base of 14 riders, organised the toy run.

They have been working for six months and became so desperate they advertised in the newspaper for willing hands.

"We placed numerous ads in the public notices section of the Mercury but did not receive one phone call," MRA South secretary Gwyn Dixon said yesterday.

A record number of riders are expected at the Derwent Entertainment Centre on December 5 for Tasmania's last MRA Toy Run.

Vintage motorcycles will lead the event.

"If we have to go out we want to go out with a bang," Ms Dixon said. "I expect more than 7000 bikes to take part."

Ms Dixon said Tasmania's motorcycle culture had changed over recent years, with fewer riders involved in organised activities or clubs.

"The MRA has a lack of active members and we need young and new blood."

Ms Dixon said it was sad to see such a successful charity event fold.

"Perhaps the event might move north where there are more members. Perhaps this is not the last one but the last one in its current format."

Salvation Army spokesman Stuart Foster said the demise of the toy run would leave a hole in its annual work to help vulnerable Tasmanians.

"It is a very high-profile community event. Last year alone we received about $8000 in monetary donations, a van full of food to distribute and two and a half delivery trucks of toys and gifts," Mr Foster said.

"It is one of the few events which involves people from around the state. However, we are not in a position to take on the organisation of the event, we are too busy at the back end of the operation getting the money, food and gifts to those who need them."

The toy run will leave the DEC at 2.15pm and head into Hobart via the Brooker Highway to arrive at Parliament House at 2.45pm.

29-11-09, 07:34 PM
kinda sad when you think bikes have never been more popular.

29-11-09, 08:09 PM
Its the way of the world Easy

Perhaps after not having one next year more riders will become keen to help organise the event

29-11-09, 09:13 PM
Its not so much the lack of interest in participation.. I think its more the politics, time and thankless task of organising such events.. Seen it with various clubs and organisations i have been involved with .. it only takes a couple of festering apples to ruin the barrel ..

I for one will never be a commitee member of any organisation again .. quite happy to pay my memberships, have my votes and abide by the majority.

That being said as a member you have responsibilities to make your club or oganisation successful ..

I admire the people who have organized this years toy run in Tas .. as it must have been a major feat with only 14 members .. and as is the norm with any organisation only the regular few % of members were willing or able to make the effort..

29-11-09, 10:06 PM
Fwiw the Toy Run in Vic has been largely organised by 1 bloke with some assistance from me and 2 others, hence this years run from Latrobe St will be a black run and the runs from other locations will head straight to Williamstown rather than meeting up in the city as has been the case for **** knows how many years.

To organise the Toy Run so it leaves as a mass run from the city is about 8 months work organising and about 20k in traffic management costs, something that without sponsorship is impossible and with TAC sponsorship, more pain than it's worth, hence the black run.

03-12-09, 12:40 PM
Mick you are correct it will probably be the last Tassie Toy Run which is a shame as it helps so many. This year the ROT will be meeting at Richmond at 10 a.m. from there we will head up to Melton Mowbray, then back down to the DEC. After the run the ROT members are meeting at Joe's Garage then it is off to Port Arthur for the ROT christmas party.

Anyway have a safe and happy Christmas

Cya Dutchy

07-12-09, 06:54 AM
The Toy Run was a great success for the ROT and we did quite a few km's yesterday. We started at Richmond where we had a fairly good roll up. From there we headed to Melton Mowbray. After some time there it was then back to the DEC for the start of the Toy Run. Once we got into town and delivered the toys to the salvo's it was around too Joe's Garage where we met up with Whinja and Mark from up North for an after ride drink.

We then headed to Port Arthur and a night of good food and great company. One of the quotes of the ride was from Mad Pat, this morning while he was talking about Brut aftershave. Pat reckons Brut is a man's aftershave because it come in a green bottle which looks like a Heineken.

This mornings ride was a fairly quiet one and arrived safely home just before lunch. All up it was a long couple of days and big thank you to all the ROT who came along and made it a great time. Also thank you to the Comfort Inn at Port Arthur for great food and hospitality.

Can't wait until next year which we will make bigger and better and with about 7,000 bikes turning up I don't believe the Toy Run in Tassie will die out. It has become so big and important that someone will pick up the ball and run with it.

Cya Dutchy