View Full Version : Unusual and or Excessive Front Tyre Wear

31-08-05, 06:40 PM
I was talking with a Bridgestone tyre rep. today about front tyre wear.

Basically he has seen many tyres with extreme tyre scolloping on area's 20-40mm either side of the centre of front tyre. If the scolloping is small it can be attributed to tyre pressures lower than the ideal for your bike/load. However in 99% of cases it is directly related to a particular riding style.

Mostly it is riders who really enjoy cruising along and enjoy their riding, and in doing this when approaching turns instead of braking prior to and then going through the curve with a trailing throttle (evenly balance front to back), they shut the throttle, use the engine to do the braking and then once at the apex open the throttle again.

The problem with this is that on shutting the throttle, all load is placed on the front wheel/tyre THEN the bike is steered into the turn. THEREFORE all this load is placed on the area's 20-40mm either side of the centre of the tyre. Hence extreme load as the bike decelerates, tyre/tread distortion as speed is scrubbed off leading to uneven wear on this area of the tyre. And believe it or not it is more common on right hand corners, the reason being riders can see more of the road normally and tend to be less cautious in terms of maintained speed ( Hence more load in a general sense on the right side of the tyre than the left.).

This is especially prevalent on large cruisers and bikes with wide front tyres.

(Thanks to Laurie H. for the info)